Thursday, February 18, 2016

The JIHADI: A LOVE STORY blog tour is ON!

Watch this space for updates on every one of these events, coordinated by the amazing +Orenda Books. (Click here for early reviews of the novel, which have been beyond my wildest dreams.)

DAY ONE: For, my spirited defense of Stephen King's principle that "inspiration is for amateurs." The rest of us commit to a daily word count. You can find this post here.


DAY TWO: Steve Wright of had this to say about the book when he reviewed it last month:

He then conducted a great, thoughtful interview. You can find it here.


From the banner above, this all looks like nothing so much as a big rock and roll tour ... without the groupies, drugs, alcohol, or, you know, physical proximity. But intellectually -- yes, exactly like a big rock and roll tour!

(Shouts into mike:) Are you all ready to have a good time?