We’ve all heard of the various strategy books for gamers that detail the ins and outs of hacking the house odds of classic casino table games like blackjack or poker, but what can be said about one of the most seductive draws to nz online casino? We, of course, are referring to the glitz and glamour of slot machines. Seductive especially to the most novice of players simply due to the possibility of a hefty payout, these machines are also known to be some of the most difficult to figure out how to crack.

No, probability IS easy!

The myth goes that slot machines are casino games with no real “winning strategy’. They are referred to as “negative equity” games. Simply put, the more money you pump in over-time the less you are actually getting in return. This of course is more of a rule of thumb than a certainty, slot machine probability is no mystery and over the long term slot machine odds for winning aren’t great because the advantage always goes to the house.

This shouldn’t dissuade interest however, because although there is no sure-fire way to guarantee a win on a slot machine, there are things you can do as a player to push the slot machine odds to your favor. In other words, there are things that any player can learn and utilize in order to improve their chances of winning and potentially hitting a coveted jackpot.

Achieving Consistent Returns with Slots

Quick Math!

To understand that a winning night on slots surely isn’t out of reach, we should start by going over the simple mechanics of slot machines. Slot machines are controlled by random number generators or RNGs for short. This means that each casino slot machine is equipped with a computer that will deliver random results for each and every spin.

In other words, on any given day you may be able to rake in some serious cash if you find favor with a machine’s RNG. However, the odds of striking a mega-jackpot isn’t statistically in a player’s favor. Instead, what a player should do is focus on short-term anomalies. These are the key to keeping a bankroll in the positive and allow for the best slot machine odds that will favor the player.