Online Casino Strategy

How To Play United Kingdom Casinos For The Win

For the past few years I’ve been playing inside United Kingdom casinos as an amateur. However, in the last year I’ve changed my life by becoming a semi-professional gambler. The one major thing that has changed from me is that I now no longer visit actual casinos but prefer to keep all my work online….

Honestly, WHAT!?

Weird and Wacky Gambling Superstitions

We’ve covered loads of different gambling superstition for different games from all over the world, but one thing we haven’t done is looked at the truly weird an wacky ones that are out there. Wear a Phallus Around Your Neck Wait, what? Yes you read that right! In Thailand a penis medallion or Palad Khik…

The Perfect Device for Playing Online Games

What is the Perfect Device for Playing Online Games?

Is it a PC? Is it a Mac? Is it a next generation console with bucket-loads of memory and processing power? Well, these are all great for playing online, but to truly enjoy the advantages of internet play, you’ll need something more portable, more independent of wires, controllers and a large screen TV. You need…